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Eurouta is a brand new travel platform designed specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts and founded by Sam Buggenhoudt, a passionate Vespa lover who had been nurturing this dream for 15 years. Since spring 2023, the platform has become a reality!

The primary objective of Eurouta is to establish connections between all European cities through the most scenic and beautiful routes. To maintain uniqueness and preserve the essence of each journey, there will be only one designated route between any two cities.

The platform is completely free for users, and all they need to do is register to gain access. Upon registration, users can download the gpx-file, providing them with the route details. Additionally, if users choose to, they can share their experiences with Eurouta by notifying the platform when they embark on a route and proving their presence at the destination. In return, users earn badges, which are showcased on their Eurouta-profile on the website.

One of Eurouta's secondary objectives is to foster a sense of community among its users, forming what they call the "Eurouta-Family." This community is dedicated to discovering the hidden gems of Europe, including its fantastic cities and breathtaking backcountry.

Sam and the team behind Eurouta hope that users will embrace this concept and derive joy from their Eurouta experiences. They emphasize the importance of safety during the rides and wish everyone happy and secure journeys.

Drive safe and enjoy your Eurouta adventures!


Founder of Eurouta - Sam Buggenhoudt
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