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Get rewards


Let us know when you've completed a 'Eurouta' and grab your Badges

(Visible in your Eurouta-profile)

Riders with the most Routes done, will be shown on website and socials.

1. Register your ride on the Eurouta-page

2. Take 2 pictures as proof of being there (Start - End)

3. Upload pics on Eurouta-profile, Instagram or facebook

(socials: tagged with @eurouta or send in DM)

4. We manually check your rides

5. You receive a badge in Eurouta profile here


The 3 first riders of all new routes will win a price.

The bigger the community gets, the bigger prices can become!

Follow Eurouta on Instagram so you can grab your helmet and be one of the first riders.

Good luck!

A question about getting rewards?

Thanks for reaching out!

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